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Recent Contest Winners

2010 Long Story Contest, International    Contest Winner

Contest judge Allison Alsup has selected as winner of the 2010 Long Story Contest, International

and recipient of the 2011 A. E. Coppard Prize for Fiction

The Dreams of Nellie Titus

Thomas Gavin of New Haven, CT

Second Place:   "Right Road" by Jeff Fearnside of Prescott, AZ

Third Place:   "Tieresias's Last Dream" by Bruce Barton of Wellsboro, PA

Honorable Mention:  "The Canyon House" by Janet Hilliard-Osborn of Long Beach, CA

                    "Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes" by Nicole Haroutunian of Woodside, NY

Finalists:   "Storyness and the Part-time Male Exotic Dancer," Bruce Barton;  "Eagle Beach," Jim Fairhall;  "Present/Shift  Future/Self," Leif Garbisch;  "For Love," Enid Harlow;  "I Care Just Ask," Karen Hudes;  "The Aerialist," Hester Kaplan;  "All That Glisters," Pat Lynch;  "The Johns," Josie Sigler;  "Live Animal Trap," Alice Stern;  "The Heart Is a Lonely Drummer," Paul Takeuchi;  "Scarecrows," Joyce Thomas;  "Harriet Is Not Infectious," Susan White;  "The Snake Charmer of Lahore," William Wietzel

Fall 2010 Poetry Chapbook Contest     Winner

Judge Bern Mulvey has selected the Poetry Chapbook Contest Winner

The Normal Heart and How It Works

Rachael Lyon of Hollidaysburg, PA

Second Place:   "The Picking Room" by Kay Comini of Pittsburgh, PA

Third Place:       "Barehanded" by Peter Derk of Greeley, CO

Hon. Mention:   "Flash to Clap" by Mary Kathryn Jablonski of Saratoga Springs, NY

                           "Sit Still, Travel Hard" by Charles Atkinson of Soquel, CA

Finalists"Beautiful River," Emily May Anderson;  "Travels in the Antipathies," F. J.  Bergmann;  "Midwestern Heart," Tom Boswell;  "The Empress of Patton Avenue,"  Carol Carpenter;  "Wild Place," Erica Goss;  "Letters to Susan," W. F. Lantry;  "Season of Dragonflies and Drought," Steve Lautermilch;  "Sweeping the Skylight," Donald Levering;  "An Old Chick Waves Hello," Ruth Moon Kempher

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