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  • Jackie Bartley, The Terrible Boundaries of the Body

  • Jill Peláez Baumgaertner, Leaving Eden

  • Scott Beal, Two Shakespearean Madwomen Vs. The Detroit Red    Wings

  • Peter Blair, A Round,  Fair Distance from the Furnace

  • Geoff Bouvier, Everybody Had a Hat

  • Brian Brodeur, So The Night Cannot Go On Without Us

  • David Craig, Only One Face

  • Annie Davidovicz, Waking To Bone

  • Connie Donovan, Fire Cloth

  • Becky Gould Gibson, Holding Ground

  • Linda Lee Harper, The Wide View

  • Katie Kingston, El Rio de las Animas Perdidas en Purgatorio

  • Jacqueline Kolosov, Quickening

  • Rachael Lyon, The Normal Heart and How It Works

  • Scott Lumbard, Grendel in the Old Market

  • Kathleen Lynch, No Spring Chicken

  • Bern Mulvey, The Window Tribe

  • John Pember, Rope to the Barn

  • Kris Piepenburg, Crossing the Border

  • James Plath, Courbet, on the Rocks

  • Peter Ramos, Short Waves

  • Timothy Russell, In  Lacrimae

  • Paul Andrew E. Smith, scenes from The Postmodern Butler

  • Justin Spring, Polaroid Poems

  • Robert Joe Stout, They Still Play Baseball the Old Way

  • John Surowiecki, Dennis Is Transformed into a Thrush

  • Martha M. Vertreace, Oracle Bones

  • Luisa Villani, On the Eve of Everything

  • Connemara Wadsorth, The Possibility of Scorpions

  • Allen C. West, The Time of Ripe Figs

  • William J. Williams, Excavations in a Buried City 1930-1939

  • Leilani Wright, A Natural Good Shot

The chapbooks are $5. each,

2 for $9., 3 for $13., 

4 for $16.  Please add $1.95 for mailing.


These prices no longer apply to Better Than Home by Joe Hill. Rampant speculation and very high resale prices have forced this press to manage the sale of the few remaining 1st Edition,

1st Printing copies that are left, so we don't feed into the frenzy.

A few 1st Edition, 1st Printing copies of Better Than Home are available for $110., plus $7. Priority Mail.

E-mail inquiry first.


1st Edition,   2nd Printing copies of Better Than Home are now available for $15., plus mailing.

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