A Poetry Annual

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Next Submission Date for FRESH GROUND        uncertain

FRESH GROUND is suspending publication until we can find more time and funding. Keeping this publication going with limited resources has been a problem. We apologize to all the poets who have come to count on us as a publishing opportunity. We're pretty unhappy about the situation, too.

FRESH GROUND is a poetry annual published by White Eagle Coffee Store Press.

     After the press had been in business for about a year, we realized that we could not even begin to publish many of the excellent poetry chapbook manuscripts that we were receiving in contests. It's painful to reject good writing. So, FRESH GROUND was born to publish some of the "outtakes."

     During the first two years FG published only writers who had entered a chapbook contest. But, since then, FRESH GROUND has been open to any poet whose submitted work is strong enough to suite the editor's tastes. The annual  publishes outstanding work by emerging and established poets.

     FRESH GROUND is very selective, publishing about 30 poems for every 900 submissions. Still, it's probably more accessible than many other lit. mags. And, the editor reads everything. There is no prereading editorial board. That's one reason why it only accepts submissions during a two month "window."

Some policies you might not like (though many serious writers do):

     Like many print publishers, FRESH GROUND can not consider electronic submissions. Briefly, they cause endless problems with downloading, visualizing the correct format, and reading in the bathtub. They're hard to make notes on, to organize into piles on a desk, or to edit once accepted.

     PLUS, nobody here is stupid enough to download attached files from strangers. Though one disgruntled writer has repeatedly sent attachments with executable files.

You want it published on paper--send it to the editor on paper.

     NO PUBLISHED WORK CONSIDERED. Publishing includes printing and distribution; it also includes electronic publishing, such as CD-ROM, personal WEB pages, or saving to commercial WEB sites or chat group pages. If you've done anything like that with a poem, don't send it. It's been published.