Joe Hill [King], Better Than Home    1st Edition, 2nd Printing

Is Now Ready for Purchase!!!!

White Eagle Coffee Store Press now has available a second printing of Joe Hill's first paid publication, first publication under its own covers   Better Than Home.

With prices for 1st Edition, 1st Printing copies of Better Than Home soaring into the hundreds of dollars on internet auctions, now Joe Hill enthusiasts can have their own modestly priced but authentic Better Than Home.

The printing establishment that produced Better Than Home in 1999, and almost all of our other books, on offset press, went out of business last summer. Over several months, we worked  to make arrangements with our new printer to run a second printing.

That arrangement is now in place.

Every effort has been made to assure buyers that this copy of Better Than Home is a True First Edition. The cover art has been reproduced exactly. Working from the original electronic file from Joe Hill, the text plates have been reproduced exactly, including two syntax errors and a few type misplacements that got through the proofing process of the 1st printing. In other words, this printing has not been "corrected" or "improved" from the original.

Given the speculative environment in which this book has been produced, it's important that White Eagle Coffee Store Press maintain some transparency about the publishing process. So that buyers know exactly what they are getting with a purchase of the 2nd printing, here are the essential publishing details.

  1. The First Edition, Second Printing of Better Than Home is clearly marked on the copyright page as 'Second Printing, 2007' with an updated brief author's biography replacing the original Bio. on the last page.

  2. The cover and text are exactly the same as that of the 1st printing and printed on the same paper.

  3. The printing method is identical, on offset press with real ink (like all books from this press), not some kind of photocopy.

  4. The press run is limited to 400 copies to maintain some exclusivity for serious collectors.

  5. The book is reasonably priced in keeping with the market and the cost to reprint: $15./copy, plus shipping--$2.00 for First Class Mail; $7.00 for Priority Mail.

  6. Buyers can purchase multiple copies; inquire about discounts for orders of 10 or more.


Description of Better Than Home, Joe Hill

To order Better Than Home by Joe Hill [King], First Edition, Second Printing send a check or money order made out to WECSP for US $17. Or $22. , depending on mail preference. For multiple copies, the mailing cost per copy can be reduced when shipped Priority Mail.  Send to:

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