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Latest Update 10/25/2011

Recent Contest Winners!

To Readers Who Ask:

It has been suggested that the coffee store is more a frame of mind than a material place.

[There is a brass sign that a carpenter found under the publisher's home. It says:  White Eagle Coffee Store. The sign is now on a kitchen cabinet.]

However, as you can plainly see from this archival photo, the coffee store is a real place with books arriving by the box car load.

If you're looking for the rare 1st Edition of Joe Hill's debut book, here it is.

Joe Hill [King] Better Than Home

1st Edition, 1st Printing

1st Edition, 2nd Printing

The Scent of an Ending™

A Competition for the Really Stinky Ending

of an Imaginary Novel

   White Eagle Coffee Store Press

"always fresh"

  White Eagle Coffee Store Press is a firmly established small press--since 1992--with a long term plan to provide first, or early, chapbook publication to emerging poets and fiction writers whose work we admire.  In fact, most of our books have been first books. We've published some writers who are already developing a reputation, but, like many small presses, we love to discover talent and to begin building a writer's reputation. Our own reputation has grown with that of the writers we've published.

     WECSPress publishes chapbooks by solicitation and competition. Sorry, no unsolicited mss.--we're just too small to be able to read them. Writers published at our request will judge an open competition.  Many contest winners have also agreed to be judges. So, this press represents many styles and methods; it presents a variety of visions. We want to be quirky, to do the unexpected, to discover talent.

     You should know that unlike many small presses, White Eagle Coffee Store Press makes its selections on literary values alone. We do not promote or reject political, economic, social, sexual, religious, racial or ethnic positions in a one dimensional way. But, because we value literary writing, we have limited interest in the didactic or sentimental. The press favors work that is crafted and edgy.

*****WECSPress is not a subsidy or vanity press. We publish and sell books and run some contests.  Each chapbook is professionally designed and offset printed what is binary options trading in a limited edition on high quality papers, usually fine recycled paper. We do not mass produce chapbooks or charge writers for publication.*****